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The tax troubles of Colombia, where the rich pay less

Colombia's rich pay less income tax. That is the conclusion reached after hearing a report by KPMG. Within tributaries absurdities there're that the country has about 10 million homes, but are only taxed 600,000;something that makes no sense.

According to a KPMG study, Colombia ranks number 21 on the scale of income tax rates for individuals which are paid in 96 countries worldwide. The nominal rate is 33% currently, however, in our country, who earn more than $ 200 million a year, only contribute 14%.

The research says that our country is in the middle of the payout percentages, relative to those with the highest rates. In Colombia, according to the study, remains at the same level since 2008, after having taken35% in 2003 to 38.5% in 2005.

The current nominal rate is 33%, however, the actual payment for incomes above 200 million pesos, is only 14% and 24% for those with income over 600 million pesos.

Colombia, one of the worst distributions of income

This is partly because Colombian law provides for a number of benefits from a tax planning taxpayers, endsdown the rate.
In addition, between individuals, the percentage of income tax paid doesn't exceed 3%, and the amount of tax incentives, focusing on middle and high income taxpayers, ends eventually providing a bit.

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  1. thanks to similar situations as this, our economic progress can't grow-up. just we'd need a better way to face something is unheard-of.

    we're expected our goverment takes some clear solutions for this!!!...