miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2011


The minimum investment is ten million dollars for new members, according to Efrain Forero, president of the company.

The offer of this new issue of shares is for 40 million shares representing 8.9 percent of the bank's ownership.

This is the second issue of Davivienda after placing about 450,000 million pesos in shares in October last year.

Payment for the shares will be made a down payment of 50 percent on the day of the date of purchase and the remaining 50 percent should be canceled on 7 December.

On November 25 will be awarded the shares, which will start trading on the Stock Exchange on December 14 this year. The offer of shares in the new issue begins tomorrow (Thursday) and will last 15 days (until 10 November).

Davivienda's action in the stock market closed yesterday at 20,500 pesos in Colombia, with a loss of 0.39 percent.

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